ya_Fader - flexible fader groups for Live

link volume faders across tracks & returns



current version 3.0 (11-2016)

Be Aware: There is a known issue with ya_Fader that causes Live to crash when deleting more than one track containing ya_FaderSlave.

This is nothing we can fix as it relates to a bug in Max for Live not our devices.

Ableton and C74 are informed and we hope to have a fix soon. However, In our experience the resulting crash could always be recovered by restarting Live. Keeping in mind not to delete multiple instances at the same time - the devices work without any other known issues on a daily basis here.

Please note: These devices have been created for our own use and only been tested on Mac.

If you run into problems you may send reports and comments to contact@yarhammer.com

However, we do not officially offer support and might not be able to help or answer at all. 


Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.