ya_Group - multichannel audio effects for Live

make any Live device multichannel capable

link Live devices across tracks & sends


• 10 groups (A-J) are supported per live set.

• place ya_Master just before any Live device you want to make a master

• place ya_Slave just before the same device type in any other track, send or rack to make it a slave.

• any changes to the master device is also affecting all slaves of the same group

• likewise any automation of the master device also affects the slaves

• pre configured master & slave racks for all Live standard audio effects are included.


current version 3,1 (11-2016)

even though ya_Group was originally created to handle multichannel  audio here is a video by ARTFX illustrating a use of ya_Group in a EDM arrangement:

(please note, that it’s a good idea to use the pre-configured audio device racks that come with the download)

also here is a  french video from Danyrockjr. illustrating a use of ya_Group.

(please note, that the use of ya_Group for midi devices is not supportet. ya_MidiGroup should be used instead)

Please note: These devices have been created for our own use and only been tested on Mac.

If you run into problems you may send reports and comments to contact@yarhammer.com

However, we do not officially offer support and might not be able to help or answer at all. 


Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.